FORMTECH – prefabricated permanent formwork

FORMTECH is a completely pre-fabricated foundation forming method that reduces labour on site, reduces the need for storage lay down, and helps create a safe working area.

It is an engineered groundwork system encompassing welded steel reinforcements complete with permanent shuttering. Formtech is delivered to site ready for installation and deliveries can be phased to suit construction programs.



There are significant benefits to using Formtech including :

  1. Waste reduction
  2. Reductions in construction programmes with associated cost savings
  3. Reductions in material lifting and associated plant requirements
  4. Improved health and safety
  5. Reduced risk of danger of RSI from twisting tying wire associated with traditional steel fixing
  6. Less trip hazards
  7. Elimination of loose bundles of bars and scrap pieces of wire etc
  8. MIG welded cages
  9. Eliminates the risk of cage collapse

Blackpool Formtech

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