ISOLOHR – slab insulating systems

The IsoLohr® floor slab system is a formwork system for the production of thermally-insulated foundation slabs. Whether for buildings designed in accordance with EnEV standards or as a passive house, IsoLohr floor slab systems are always the right choice.

Advantages of our system:

  • Planned and produced for your specific construction needs
  • Quick assembly without cutting and pre-forming tasks at the construction site
  • Significantly easier assembly and measurement
  • Insulation serves also as formwork, is free of supports, and no additional formwork materials are required
  • Original Styrodur ® C
  • General Building Inspectorate Approval for muti-layered construction up to 300 mm
  • General Building Inspectorate Approval (DIBt) 200 mm
  • General Building Inspectorate Approval (DIBt) for installation in pressing water
  • Predictability in execution
  • CFC, HCFC and HFC-free
  • Passive House Certified system
  • Horizontal below-ground insulation in accordance with EN ISO 13793 for structures subject to “frost heave”, foundation below soil freezing depth is unnecessary (optional)
  • 10 mm Duripanel slab edge lamination with optional paint-ready surface (optional)
  • Increased building value
  • Easily assembled

IsoLohr floor slab systems can be used for a variety of construction types including:

  1. Brick buildings / multi-layered masonry
  2. Precast houses / timber framed buildings
  3. SIPS / wood panel
  4. Monolithic masonry
  5. Basement construction
  6. Thermally activated floor slabs
  7. External thermal insulation composite
  8. Waterproofing
  9. Offset
  10. Depression / protusion / reinforcement
  11. Offset of outer disconnection / insulation

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